A long, long time ago, a young teenager Michal, launched one of very first internet radio stations in Europe. It was many years before Skype, MySpace not to mention Facebook or Uber. The same year Google was launched.

It was a real start-up, broadcasting 24/7. The team core was around 20 people, responsbile for shows, news, promotion or IT. We did it because of our passion for music, radio and online. There was no other such interactive radio then. Radio NET had successfully united many djs and show hosts, broadcasting from United States, UK, Canada and Europe.


Radio kept broadcasting until 2006, when it was decided to stop because even despite the fact of great listeners community and brand awareness it was too hard to provide stable stream of revenue from advertising. There was no start-up frenzy then to finance idea which is yet not cashflow positive.

In 2010 Michal came up with an idea of solution that was powerful but simple: exchanging whole commercial breaks broadcasted by “regular” radio into targeted set of ads in stream. However, the bad side of the idea was that, there was no applicable technology to achieve the plan.


It has changed in early 2016 and after many efforts he met Krassimir Fotev who liked Michal’s idea, and they started to work on AdSounds in late 2016.


People joined the team


Hours of special coverage on 7/11


Live events broadcasted


years of Radio NET

Founders & Advisors

Get Vision Done

Entrepreneur since 1997. Launched Radio NET in 1998, and it was his second start-up. Earlier before, in 1997 launched e-zine that has grown to 40k subscribers in three years.

Worked for a couple of radio stations, as a dj and morning show host.
Ex Managing Director of AmazonBuyVIP.
Ph.D. Student of innovative business models based on non-linear video brodcasting services.

Michal Marcinik

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and engineer, fluent in multiple technologies and computer languages. His previous startup provides technology for Bloomberg International. Ex Credit Suisse. Awarded Bronze Medal from the Worldwide XXII International Physics Olympiad. Ph.D. Student.

Krassimir Fotev

Cofounder & CTO

Senior executive, business consultant and investor with over 15 years of experience in international business with focus on SMEs growth and development. Angel investor, advisor and mentor. Member of business Fintech Circle, Kieretsu and Amber, mentor at Startupbootcamp Fintech London.

Martin Ostrowski



Here is a short list of things we appretiate most. Sometimes it is technology sometimes it is a feeling or activity.

Positive Attitude

What to say more? It is one of key success values, that enhances lateral thinking and creativity.



Asana, Invision, Gmail

A set of tools we really like to use to stay on track, decide which way to go or evaluate projects.

Get things done

It is not a methodology. It is a state of mind. No matter if you plan roadtrip or manage a project.

Javascript, NodeJS, HLS

Most of us have no clue what it is, but Krass insisted it is important.

Open Mind

It is no shame not to know something. No will to learn is. Hunger and curiousity for knowledge is welcome.

Sounds like an exciting challenge?


Making impossible possible

Daniel Wichracki

Business Development

Chavdar Bambov

Full Stack Devloper

Caterina Buslowska

Market Development, Italy

Curtis Bradshaw

Project Manager

Hall of Fame

All those great people who joined this exciting project since 1998

Agopsowicz Rafał, Alex Sell, Barański Bartek, Białecki Paweł, Bielański Krzysztof [‘], Brągoszewski Michał, Brzozowska Marlena, Brzozowski Jarek, Cegłowski Bartek, Cierpiał Krzysztof, Cięciel Włodek, Darbo, Dąbrowiecki Daniel, Dąbrowska Monika, Fik Michał, Gargała Adam, Gerej Sławek, Gołąb Mateusz, Gruszka Bartek, Grzela Kuba, Jaraczewski Michał, Jaru, Kęsik Robert, Klamecki Maciej, Kobla Darek, Kołakowski Artur, Kos Maciek, Kostecki Bartek, Kowalewska Inga, Królikowski Marek, Krugły Marta, Krupiński Przemek, Krzyczmonik Piotr, Krzynówek Adam, Krzywak Jakub, Kuczyński Łukasz, Kulas Paweł, Kuliński Norbert, Lipkowska Joanna, Liszcz Dorian, Łapiński Przemek, Łaszcz Wojtek, Makowski Michał, Marcinik Michał, Matej Ewelina, Michniewicz Karol [‘], Mierzejewski Mariusz, Milewczyk Jarek, Myszkal Łukasz, Niedojadło Dawid, Ogr, Pietrzak Paweł, Piłek Piotr, Podlejski Michał, Spaleniak Łukasz, Stankiewicz Romek, Straszewski Mateusz, Surma Wojtek, Tyrka Michał, Walczak Michał, Wędrychowski Darek, Witkowska Ewa, Wojtala Olek, Wyszyński Radek, Zack Curtis, Zieliński Sebastian

we are Rocking since 1998